Your privacy is important to us. Below, we outline some of the ways we protect you as well as use information collected from our customers.

Shopping with us is secured
When you register with our website, your personal information is transmitted through 128 bit industry-standard SSL encryption which means all your information will be encrypted safely and securely. Your information will not be accessible until it reaches our database.

We use cookies to provide better browsing experience
Zeyner, Inc.’s website uses “cookies” to recognize you when you visit our website. Cookies are files that are stored in your computer to let us know who you are when visiting. For your convenience, upon logging out of the Zeyner, Inc. website, cookies associated with Zeyner, Inc. will be deleted.

We do not disclose customer information to any third parties
At Zeyner, Inc., we respect your privacy. Therefore, we will never disclose your information (name, address, e-mail, phone, etc.) in anyway to any party. Customer information is used solely by Zeyner, Inc. Occasionally, we may use your information to notify you about new products, special promotions or Zeyner, Inc. updates. But we will never share any of your personal or contact information with any of our affiliated businesses.

We will not modify your information and can delete it upon your request
You can update your current information anytime you log into our website. Zeyner, Inc. will not change any of your information unless you request us to do so. Also, Zeyner, Inc. will remove your information from our database upon your request.

Third Party Links
Any links that redirect you to non- Zeyner, Inc. web pages (Third Party) do not represent Zeyner, Inc. by any means. Therefore, you should navigate to or use these third party websites at your own risk.

Your opinion is important to us. Please contact us and let us know if we can make your website browsing or shopping experience easier. Also, in order to provide better browsing experience, please let us know if there are any technical inconveniences associated with our website. We also welcome any other feedback you’d like to share. As a general rule, any feedback you share with us will usually receive a response within two (2) business days

Changes to our Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. Please check back to this section regularly in order to obtain the latest updates on the Zeyner, Inc. Privacy Policies and how they